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“The best”

My boyfriend eats these every single day and the biscoff is by far his favourite!! It tastes better than any normal donut and it’s heaps better for you!! Thank you macro hut!!

Very good

Love the product

Birthday Cake Pronut
Snehaa Senthamilselvan Easwari
Best donuts ever!

Absolutely love it

Nutella Pronut
Jade Galatsianos


Just delicious

I’m a fan. Of all of the flavours, and of the pre made donuts I have tried (banana cinnamon, cinnamon, and chocolate)…. YUM


Love the pre-made donuts
I bought a few so I could benchmark from the Macro Hut package mix. So delectable- both!
Third purchase, will def get more :)

Deliciously decadent

The best tasting low carb donut I’ve had

Banana & Cinnamon Pronut

Tastes surprisingly good!

Always so skeptical with the “better option” food choice. But these version of donuts even had the kids fooled. Easy and quick to make and enough snacks made to meal prep for the week.


Great macro friendly snack !

Biscoff Pronut
Milad Mtanos
Best Donut Ever

Tastes exactly like a biscoff doughnut should!! Even with the right macros! Look forward to having this everyday while I’m cutting weight

Love them!

Got greedy with them coz my kids would see me heating them up in the microwave....too good to share I say😂😂😂and yes I wasn't willing to share with my kids coz they get to enjoy krispy kremes and cinnabons😂

Fabulous, tasty treats! Thank you

Tasty donuts

Very tasty! The mix made the house smell Devine while cooking and I like the fact that I can have healthy snacks to eat. Will definitely get again.

The best

The best macro friendly treat I’ve found!


Tastes great! Perfect guilt free treat that hits the spot

Magnificent Macro

Love my doughnut silicon trays! Arrived 6 days after I ordered them and they weren’t over priced at all.
Thank you Macro.


So tasty and easy to make. And healthier alternative to ‘real’ donuts. Never go back!


So yummy

So Tasty

As an alternative to those unhealthy sugar filled sweets. These are great substitute and are so moist and full of flavour. Keep the gains going by eating these instead.

Tastes great.

Blueberry Pronut
Natalie Daoud

Blueberry Pronut


Absolutely the best and the whole family loves them. Finally! I don’t feel like I’m missing out and can have a treat without the guilt!!!
Bought the whole shebang!!!! Wish I could also my them premade, but this option is not available in Adelaide 😢
Maybe soon??? 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Cinnamon Pronut
Sarah Murray
Pretty amazing!

As a donut lover this was such an amazing find, I enjoy a weekend treat now without sending my health and fitness goals backwards in the process.


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