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The perfect low carb snack for the sweet-toothed :)

Doughnut heaven

Best ever tasting doughnuts ever they didn’t last long at all, definitely buy more!

Great taste with more protein and less calories

My husband and I are enjoying our fresh and tasty protein rich donuts which aligns with our fitness goals.

Lamington Pronut
Michelle Pilling
Lamington Pronut

These are delicious! Yummy chocolate & coconut coating and great macros. I could eat these daily!

Protein Donut Baking Mix Assorted

These are AMAZING
Very quick & easy to make
I really luv the taste
High Protein Low Cals

Blueberry Pronut
chloe hordern


Game Changing Snacks

I follow a low carb, dairy and gluten free eating target - and this is next level delicious, and so simple. No adding multiple ingredients just some milk/yogurt (i use twisted frozen yogurt to keep calories down) and I’m addicted.

Make mini muffins too with the same mix. Love them!

tastes great

Another pronut that tastes great .


Omg these are so easy to make, and taste delicious! Such a great snack and a good serve of protein too. Looking forward to trying them all.


Really yum and has the lamington taste will purchase again

Worth a try

I really enjoyed the nutella pronut ,the taste is satisfying.

Nutella Pronut
Elise Campbell


Best tasting donuts I have ever tasted. The flavour lingers in your month for hours. I don't usually like the taste of protein, but you guys have mastered the ingredients. I will definitely be ordering more

Caramilk Pronut (Limited Edition)
Hajar Tohamy
Absolute favourite Pronut 😋😋👌

I will definitely be ordering two dozen of the Caramilk Pronut and stocking up in the freezer as it is one of my favourite Pronuts and only limited time available.
I enjoy having my Pronuts when working as a healthy and yummy snack “two birds, one stone”

Caramilk Pronut (Limited Edition)
Carla C
Best flavour EVERR

The best of all the flavor's

Caramilk Pronut (Limited Edition)
Allein Alachi


So easy to make & delicious

These were super easy to make and tasted amazing! Deliciously soft & moist will definitely buy again. So much nicer than other sugar free high protein treats

The packs aren't big enough!

These donuts are amazing! Kids and hubby and myself love them! Easy peasy make (and super easy to eat). The pack recommends 15 small per pack but we make 18 from each pack to make them go that little bit further!


Guilt free tasty snacks that are so easy to whip up! It’s so hard to find something so delicious that is Gluten Free.

Thank you Macro Hut! 🍩🍩🍩

You won't be disappointed

Very delicious especially when you heat it up .

Give it a try

Really tasty and satisfying pronut the flavour was spot on a great healthier alternative to them high carb ,high sugar and high fat krispy creme donuts .
I like how just one of these is enough to satisfy as with other donuts just one isn't enough.
I will buy again when those donut cravings attack again .

Nutella Pronut
Deralene Randall

So good I gasped. 10/10 would recommend


Loved the baking mix. Tasted great and the customer service is next level

Peanut Banana and Cinnamon Review

First time trying these donuts and first flavour I grabbed from the box. Amazing!! Cannot fault this donut. Had to hold off from eating all the others I ordered! Great product!